My Two Week Trip to Japan – Day 5 (KYOTO)

This was our transition day. We were leaving Tokyo and heading off to Kyoto by bullet train. It was an exciting day. These type of days are always hectic because the travel time from one destination to the next is tiresome. Not only was it tiresome on this trip, the typhoon had hit Kyoto and that was our destination. We did not know what were were going to be arriving to.

We wake up, pack our belongings and head out. This will be the second bullet train we’ve ever taken. The first bullet train we took was in Italy. This was included in the Japan Rail Pass. All we had to do was book the date and it was done. Let us begin day 5!

What we do:

  • Take the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto
  • Go to Arashiyama
  • Visit the bamboo coves
  • Visit multiple temples and shrines
  • Eat and walk some more
  • Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha

We say goodbye to our first hotel in Tokyo.
My sister saying goodbye to the couch in the lobby. She’s petting the stuffed star for good luck.
Before heading to the bullet trains, we grab a snack of course.
I take a selfie in the bullet train and prepare to get a shot of my sister.
I get a picture of my sister. She caught on, she moved away. HAHA.
GOT YOU! you can’t hide from me.
We are on our way to Kyoto. We pass by amazing scenery like this. You wonder where Studio Ghibli gets their beautiful art from. Japan is just a very beautiful country. If you just watch anima in general, you can see where it’s all inspired from. It’s really cool.
A bullet train stop. The train stopped in certain cities. We were tempted on stopping to other cities but we already had plans and goals in mind. One stop was Kobe.
I see Fujitsu! Look at all those solar panels!
We finally arrive to Kyoto. On the left is the Kyoto train station. On the right is our hotel.
Before we do any exploring we go to our second hotel, Ibis hotel. This was a great location since it was close to the train station. We use this a lot.
We are inside the Ibis hotel in Kyoto. I believe check in is too early so we leave our stuff with the receptionist and head out to explore. Our goal is to to go to Monkey Park and the bamboo forest. We take the train to Arashiyama.
Before heading back to our next destination we get donuts in the Kyoto train station.
We go back to the Kyoto train station. This is such an old-school looking train to. I loved it. It goes towards the mountains. I felt like I was back in the past while I was on this train. Everything felt much more simple. There was a feel of calm.
We arrive at our destination. The walking begins.
We are so close yet so far away to the mountains.
The beauty begins.
This area has a plethora of history.
We are in love with Kyoto. Especially this area. Kyoto is a very busy city but it’s also very quiet at the same time. It’s very different to Tokyo. They are so different and beautiful in their own way.
It’s so calm around here.
It’s just so nice to take it all in.
We are getting closer to the mountains.
We start seeing souvenir shops pop up.
We then begin seeing many more people and many more small shops.
We then start seeing many women in Kimonos.
The tourist spot is strong
These were all souvenir shops with really nice gifts to bring back to Canada.
You can see how much busier it’s getting.
We see a bridge and a wild river.
A close up 🙂
We take multiple pictures and just stare at it very happily without a care in the world.
I miss being here by just looking at these pictures. Leaving a bustling city to this is very refreshing.
We stay here for quite a while.
The river is loud on this day due to the aftermath of the typhoon.
I manage to capture quite a few pictures of my sister.
We take a boatload of pictures. This place is just awesome. This is a must see place that you must visit if you’re in Kyoto. Lots of businesses were closed because of the typhoon but this place was still a walking paradise to explore.
We finally reach the entrance to monkey park. My dream to see wild monkeys is becoming a reality. I love monkeys.
We are so excited. I a stoked. You don’t understand how excited I am.
It was closed due to the typhoon. This is what the typhoon did. Large trees were blocking the path up the mountain. we plan to go back on Day 6.
I am sad but I am happy at the same time about monkey park. I am happy that we will return tomorrow. We then start heading towards the bamboo coves.
We take a new path that leads us up the mountains and to the coves.
At first, the path is nice.
Did I mention how much I loved this area?
The path to go up these mountains are very nice.
Some areas are not that great but this is what it’s all about! Having a good time!
We make it up and see this amazing view. Of course I block it with a selfie.
Behind the scenes.
I capture another nice picture.
My sister takes a nice picture of me. Do you see the house?
We start heading down the mountain towards the bamboo coves.
My sister is a slow walker. I am a very fast walker. She was struggling to keep up but she has improved from our last trips. Excellent job.
We continue heading down to the bamboo forest.
We start seeing bamboo trees and lots of people.

They are really high. The typhoon has also damaged this area. We were very limited on how far we could go.
Pictures can only show so much beauty.
You go into these areas and you can’t help but smile so much.
Can you see what’s further ahead?
The typhoon did this. Multiple paths were closed.
You can see some bamboo that has been destroyed from the typhoon
My sister touching nature and becoming one with nature.
Clean cut bamboo
Head to bamboo size.
We manage to find areas we can walk with in the bamboos.
We continue our walk and find Japanese Shrines and Temples.
Information is always helpful.
These stairs make life so much easier going up.
My sister struggling to go up but she doesn’t give up.
The higher we go, the more we see.
We continue going higher and it just keeps getting better.
We find a nice view of the city.
My sister enjoying the moment.
Me. Enjoying the moment.
I don’t know what i’m looking at, ahaha.
Yep. We keep going up
we take a rest.
The plan is to go back down to the city and eat.
We head back down
We are back on land. We start seeing the huge homes by the mountains surrounding us.
A nice house with a nice car and nice statues.
The cycling tan begins to truly shows but I had to pose with this.
We walk through the lovely streets.
I begin to feel like we are going back up the mountain in this picture.
What’s that over there?
I continue eating. We then start going into the stores.
My sister buy a musical box in here.
We continue the walk and find more temples and shrines.
we’re just walking all over the place.
I cannot stop taking pictures of this whole area.
So Cool.
After hours of walking, we decided to head back to the hotel to rest.
We take the train back. Before heading back to the hotel, we do one more thing.
We explore the Kyoto train station.
We go all the way up. This is such an interesting train station.
We get some nice views.
Heading down is just as cool
Proof that I was here.
It’s getting busier outside.
We chill outside before heading back to the hotel plan.
after resting at the hotel, we head back out and look for food.
The exploration and search for food continues.
We find a place to eat.
We are full and continue the walk through Kyoto. We use the gps to look for Fushimi Inari Shrine.
We find the entrance.
Let’s go!
It’s never ending. Unfortunately we could not complete this since some areas were closed due to the typhoon.
It’s great at night since there aren’t many people out.
Lets find Wald- I mean Jason!
A damaged path from the typhoon.
This was our first day in Kyoto. It was amazing and you can see, we packed in a lot for just one day. It was probably one of the best days of the trips. Don’t get me wrong, they were all good. This one was just very special to us. This city is busy but it’s not as busy as Tokyo. It’s a bustling city with a chill vibe. It felt more like a family oriented city. I regret not being here a little longer.

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