My Two Week Trip to Japan – Day 4

We wake up on this glorious day to take on Tokyo. We’ve seen so much from this city and we haven’t scratched it….at all. If you’ve been following along, we have seen a lot but when you’re on vacation, it’s never enough. This was a very interesting day. There was a typhoon happening in Japan which destroyed many areas and killed many. My sister and I were not aware until Day 4.

This was our last day in Tokyo. We were heading to Kyoto on Day 5. It was an interesting day since we weren’t sure how Kyoto was going to look since they were hit by it. Enjoy the pictures.


  • Went to SkyTree (But it was too cloudy to go up)
  • Shopped at supermarket (always exciting)
  • Shopped at Harajuku and people watched
  • Walked a whole lot more and visited multiple malls
  • Ate some delicious burgers
  • Found out about Typhoon Jebi was happening during our walk
  • walked all over Ginza at night
  • Packing up to leave Tokyo and prepare for Kyoto
I wake up like this everyday. My hair is a mess and it’s very bright in the hotel. This hotel was small but it did the job. Thank you Tobu Hotel.
We start the day off by heading towards Sky Tree. This is a 5-10 minute walk from our hotel. It’s a longer walk since we are stopping and just staring at everything.
It’s a very cloudy day. I am deathly afraid of heights but my sister wants to go so we go.
That is me going to my impending doom.
This is across the sky tree. There is a creepy face above me. I needed a picture with it because I loved it.
Before entering this behemoth, we cross a mini bridge to the sky tree.
What I haven’t mentioned is the amount of times we changed clothes due to us getting wet from the rain or very sweaty from the heat in Japan.
It’s a cloudy day but my camera skills are on point…for now.
We are there too early. While we wait, we go inside Starbucks.
SkyTree admission opens. I am afraid. I am too afraid to do this but my sister wants to do it.
We find Wally easily. We cancel the ride up Sky Tree since the cameras show that it’s too cloudy too see anything. Saved by the act of God. We head back to our hotel.
Before we leave, I grab a quick drink from the wonderful vending machine.
We then find a supermarket right by our hotel. We begin shopping like the locals. I worked in a supermarket for six years and I love going to supermarkets to see how they look.
Their cereal is in plastic bags. There’s no carboard in sight.
Holding this beautiful product.
The drinks. What is this?
It’s Cola from U.S.A
The checkout is very minimal. Japan is another world within our world. We then head back to the hotel and drop all of the groceries and get changed. It was becoming very warm.
We continue the journey and take the subway
These shoes are not meant 12+ hour walks. We eventually get off the subway.
We have a goal in mind. What is it?
but first…..a picture with me in it 🙂
We are going to cross one of the busiest crosswalk in the world
It’s a very busy Here is some more info.
More shopping happens. Our goal was to buy very comfortable shoes to walk in. Our feet were getting destroyed. We had blisters and tons of feet pain
We find a more quiet area and this selfie happens. AHAHAHAHA
We are in an area that gives out a boutique vibe. The brands become more expensive and streets look more luxurious.
We find an Adidas store in this area and buy new shoes.
I buy my first pair of NMD X Pharrell. One of my favorite shoes of all time.
This whole area has desginer clothes that I wear. Two brands that I was very interested in buying was Visvim and CDG.
Is that sweat or just water from the rain? It’s both.
It was at this point the ice cream I ate the day before at Harajuku was destroying my stomach so much I had to sit down from the pain. I told my sister and we headed to the nearest washroom.
We found this very empty mall.
While my sister waited for me. I had the most unreal time in the washroom. I was in one of the most cleanest public toilets in the world making it….very unclean. AHA. I’m sorry if this was too graphics but it’s human body things. I was extremely relieved after that session. The stomach pains went away after that.
We continue our walk walking in and out of these beautiful buildings. Some were homes and they looked super modern.
a better picture of this lovely building.
As usual it’s raining.
I see the love of my life and pose with it. This is the coolest mini van I have ever seen.
We are shopping all over these little roads.
The walk continues. We put away the umbrella, for now.
The walking continues. I try to snap a picture of my sister. She moves away.
Got you.
Got you again. You can’t escape it.
We are getting extremely hungry. We go to this restaurant and eat delicious burgers.
We wait for our food. We also find out there is a typhoon warning in Japan. It was a cloudy and rainy day and we thought nothing of it. Coworkers were very worried about our well being. We did not even know until we were seeing national news in English.
The burger was delicious.
We both approved of this place. We would go back.
I am very happy.
We finish eating and head out.
There are so many interesting stores in Japan, I love it.
We are back in the Harajuku area. There’s so much to see and do here. People watching is a must.
There’s stylish people everywhere and cool looking mall on the left. There are malls everywhere around here.
Japan really likes Disney things. They also love Charlie Brown things too.
My New shoes. Clean. We decide to stay in the hotel for a bit as we learn about the typhoon. We are heading to Kyoto and we are finding out if there are any delays or cancellations on things that could affect us.
This is the inside of Levant Tobu Hotel.
It’s small hotel. we read online that Japanese hotels are small. It still did the job and that’s all that matters.
We head out at night after relaxing in the hotel and reading up on the news. I have video footage of this night. the debris on the ground was being thrown to my face by the strong winds.
We continue wandering around the city. We are around Ginza just enjoying it all in the dangerous weather.
Some areas are very quiet.
I am still amazed at these very clean streets in such a busy city.
We get closer to the shopping centers.
My sister snaps a photo of me. I believe this was around the Tin Tin Store.
It gets busy around here all of a sudden. The subways are chaotic around this time too.
Everything looks so fashionable.
Then there’s me. Just as fashionable. AHA.
Everywhere we turn, we are mesmerized as usual.
I pose beside the elephant. Did I mention I love elephants? Who doesn’t though?
A look from below inside dover street market
We continue the exploration.
We eat more McDonald’s of course.
We head back home to prepare for a super exciting day tomorrow.
What am I doing?
I am across my hotel waiting for my clothes to finish washing. We are leaving the hotel on Day 5 and will be heading to Kyoto by Bullet train using the Japan Rail Pass. We are running low on clothes since we got drenched in rain everyday. If the hotel did this, it would have cost us of fortune. We figured out how to use this and met some lovely Japanese locals who were wondering why we would come to Tokyo since it’s apparently “boring” to them. HA!
This was the last view from the hotel.

There you have it folks. Four days in Tokyo Japan. On day 5 we head to Kyoto. What new adventures await us? Will it be just as humid? Will we see the Typhoon aftermath? You’ll find out on Day 5 🙂

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