OrNot cycling Review + Fit

It was 2019 and I only had two cycling bibs. My Assos and DHB cycling bib. I had two others but they were so poorly made I never wore them. I needed something with Quality and with a unique look.

Sitting with my OrNot cycling bib. Also. Don’t ask about the socks I stole from my sister.

You can buy them here

After constant searching for interesting cycling brands, I narrowed it down to one interesting brand. OrNot. An American cycling company based in San Francisco and made in the USA.

I sent them an email since I wasn’t to sure of sizing and I purchased a Medium. The video I made was wrong! The size I purchased was medium! It was not a large. I apologize!


  • Black, blue, and green colours available
  • Made in USA
  • Leg grippers are very tight and stays in place without having to adjust.
  • Minimal logo


  • The chamois is OK. I prefer some more padding.
  • This cycling bib is over 200.00 Canadian with shipping and potential duty fees.
  • The Straps could be improved. There’s isn’t much resistance keeping everything in place.

I’ve used this cycling bib multiples times and i enjoy the colour. I wanted green but they sold out and this is what made me get the blue. Would I get this again? Yes! Would I recommend it? Yes!

The front
Some side
The back!

If you have questions, feel free to comment and tell me what you think if you have them.

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