Q36.5 Base Layer – Size Medium Review + Fit

Once again, I purchased and added another base layer to my collection. This is my second most expensive base layer. The most expensive base layer is my Assos Ultraz Base Layer thermal which is glorious.

Front. Model is 160lb, height is 5’7 and 39.5 inch chest

I saw this on a popular Canadian cycling website that sells some premium looking cycling gear. I wondered why it cost so much. The style and material piqued my interest so I had to buy it. Obviously they were out of stock so I started searching online and purchased a pair on bikeinn.


I put it on and as usual the material felt different than my other base layers. It has a tight elastic feel that still gives great mobility and it has enough stretch that it does not feel too tight. There is enough length to take it out for a jog or the gym but it’s best for cycling.

Side view

The mesh on the side is really nice too. I took it on an indoor ride and it was great. I didn’t feel soaked and felt cool and fairly dry during the ride.


Would I buy this again? I’m not sure yet, I am leaning towards maybe. It’s nice but that price hurts and it doesn’t feel as good as my Assos Ultraz base layer. I do like the look though. I will have to test this more and update this review later on in 2021 to see if I change my mind.

A close up.


  • Offered in blue and black
  • Unique honeycomb look
  • Mesh on the side to keep you cool and regulate your body temperature and sweat
  • an overall unique looking base layer with a very different feel in material that is distinct.
  • Made in Italy


  • Expensive.
  • I expected it to be a bit thicker

What do you think of this beauty?

UPDATE July 2022: I have used this on several winter/fall rides fall rides. After several washes, it has not deteriorated. It’s very slim for a winter base layer but if you’ve acclimated to the cold, this is ok, nothing special. It has a cool design but that’s it. You can find something warmer and probably cheaper. Would I get it again? No. This was too expensive for what I got and I’m not made of money. it’s a unique base layer but not for me. Although the base layer isn’t my thing, I’m eyeing some of their other gear that looks neat.

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