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NYC Trip + University Update (I am doing well) + COVID-19

My fourth trip to NYC. Surreal experience being in this area.

University classes are hard but becoming easier

University has been nuts but I am managing to do very well in my classes. I believe it is because I am learning to procrastinate less. I still do it but I cannot believe I no longer leave assignments to the last minute anymore. I am beginning to see my assignments as workouts. Every time I complete an assignment I get a rush, a great feeling of completion, and new knowledge that I have never had or would have imagined learning. I see myself growing intellectually.

I love the world of academia. I have never felt this before. when I was in college, this feeling never existed. The courses I took never questioned the world and it was pure logic. For example, configuring Cisco routers to make a network topology work was logical whereas critically looking at social problems such as immigration policies affecting immigrants feels much more empowering and meaningful. I also question if this is because of the IT burnout I’ve been exposed to during COVID-19 and understanding why this is happening through my scholarly studies.

This accomplishment feeling is the same feeling I get at the gym when I see progress. As my completion of assignments increases, I feel great because I am understanding the topics that I never understood before. Talking to others about the topics is refreshing. I am feeling very confident that I will go to law school next year. My ability to see things critically and with a deeper sense has continued to change my outlook in life. I love it. I did not see myself as a scholar but as classmates ask for my input, I am beginning to see myself as one. My participation is through the roof and my hunger to learn is through the roof too.

Not working out and being out of shape

One of the few times I’ve ridden on my new triathlon bike

I started the LP Project (less procrastination project) but school is my priority and I’ve let myself go in several routines especially the fitness category. The good news is that I know how to counter my problem. Spend less time screwing around. Obvious, I know. I have made some changes in my schedule to counter this. I will post about it once it is successful. As I write this, I am rooting for myself. I also intent (as always) to blog more. I would like to create more cycling, fitness, and fashion content since my site visit is increasing.

As my mom always says, “everything takes time, patience is key”. She says that in Spanish and it sounds wise compared to my writing. She is wise and I do look up to her, I swear to you this is my motivation. She’s truly the strongest person I know and the things she says, I keep in mind constantly.

NYC Trip with my Dad + COVID

Me. Wearing a cool new sweater.

My goal was to cycle Manhattan and NYC with a friend I met from my YouTube channel. However the bad weather and bonding with my dad postponed the ride completely. This was my first trip that I’ve done with my father and as he ages, I figure this was important. We had a great time. I worked him hard with the walking and he performed, like a boss. We did touristy things and talked about life while attempting to eat out but when you’re walking everywhere, it’s hard to think about eating when there’s so much to do. I hung out with my dad and it was a successful trip.

I managed to cycle queens nyc the Saturday night and it was amazing. The bad news is that we both caught COVID and we infected everyone in our household. As I write this, I am still sick and it is not fun at all. I’m hoping I’m recovered in the next couple of days.

Potential solo created Documentary

While I work full time, go to school full time, train for triathlons, work on the LSAT for law school, and work on my fashion brand, I have tinkered the idea to film snippets of my life and release a documentary on the completions. Next year I’ll be completing some large life time goals that I’ve worked on for years and I want to show that discipline and hard work long with lots of failures have got me there. It’ll mostly be focused on the road to pass the LSAT and competing an Ironman within 10 hours. I documented in writing but this time I wanted to show it In video. As always , stayed tuned!

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This is the first time I got covid! It was not fun and I believe I have long-term covid. My scent and smell aren’t as strong as they used to be. I hope it improves. On a positive note, my workouts have been intense, my running has improved, and I don’t get tired quickly from bike rides. I have improved and I believe I am going to be even stronger 🙂

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