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My Year End Reflection for 2022

I went on my last bike ride for 2022

2022 was a year of Growth

As I type this reflection on a Saturday night at 7:00 pm on January 31st 2022, I can’t believe how much I have accomplished and grown. I think about how much I have endured, conquered, and succeeded, I am very proud of myself. I have grown physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am excited on what 2023 will bring. 2023 will be a large change in my life for several reasons. Before I go any further, let’s see what I accomplished this year:

  • Completed my first 5km run (Around the Bay)
  • Completed my first Sprint Triathlon
  • Completed my first Olympic Triathlon
  • Completed my first Ironman in Mont Tremblant Quebec
    • conquered my fear of long-distance swimming
    • did my first marathon run
    • did my first 180km bike ride
  • Drove to NYC with my father for my vacation
  • Completed my Undergraduate in Sociology and entered the Honours Program to continue my academic journey to law school
  • Did very well in every class
  • Went to school full-time while attending university full-time
  • I conquered my fear and applied to my first managerial position but was denied
  • Transitioned into a new IT Position at work
  • Read a lot and enjoyed it
  • Bought a new Triathlon Bike for my triathlon journey (Scott Plasma )
  • Switched to a new gym after being in the same gym for 10+ years
  • Continued watching CBT nugget training videos to continue learning in my IT career
  • Became involved in several IT projects at work which helped me grow in new knowledge
  • Kept pushing and challenging myself
  • Now have daily visitors on my website from my own content!
  • Continued being proud of myself
My last swim and workout for 2022

2023’s Goals

I believe 2023 will be a large transitional change in my life. I will be completing 5 courses from January to April to graduate and complete my 4-year undergrad in Sociology. I am doing 5 classes to continue pushing my limits. It will force me to refine my time management and only complete what is important and what is necessary to succeed. I will be working on my LSAT to apply to law school. I will be pushing to get A’s in all of my classes. I will also be registering for two Ironmans. I have the motivation, discipline, and drive to be the best person I can be. I also believe I will finally be able to purchase a home since the housing market is finally cooling down drastically. I have sacrificed a lot but I have to keep doing it to be successful. Let’s do a small but important list for 2023:

  • Graduate with my degree by April 2023
  • Continue training hard for the two upcoming Ironman races
    • Most likely Lake Placid NY and the second one TBD
  • Complete my first Open water long Distance Swim Race
  • Sell two items from my cycling brand
  • Study for LSAT and score well
  • Apply for Law School once I graduate and pass the LSAT
  • Continue watching CBT nuggets to never stop growing
  • Potentially buy a new car (current car has 340,000km)
  • Continue being in great shape but with purpose to win races
  • Create more youtube content
  • Create more content on my beautiful website
  • Buy a house
  • Travel somewhere exotic
  • Continue growing and being proud of myself

I finish this blog write-up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. I appreciate everyone who reads my content. I hope you are doing just as well and if you are not, tough times become better if you work through it. Pain is only temporary. I hope your year ends with a bang as well.

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Happy New Year! Great post. You’ve achieved a lot in 2022 and have a lot to be proud of. I love how driven you are, it’s inspiring me to come up with my own goals and work on them. I hope you achieve your goals for 2023!

Hey David, It’s always nice to hear from you! I love goals and I love working on myself. I always tell others to do what makes them happy and to go for it! I hope you make a list! Starting is the first and hardest step. Continuing it can be just as difficult but once you start seeing results, everything becomes easier. I might make some content on what I do to stay focused. Happy new year and let’s take on 2023!

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