My 10 day trip to Spain (Day 2)

Day two was a big day for me and my sister. On this day, we focused on completing the bus ride and walking around Barcelona as much as possible. It wasn’t too cold or too hot. IT was a perfect day.

What we did:

We start off the day heading down the elevator. aha. We decided to go back where we were on Day 1 and purchase the hop on hop off ticket.
This city is huge. We are going up large hills, going through the beach, going through awesome looking buildings, and as usual it’s all overwhelming.
OH LOOK! It’s Montjuïc
Everything is looking amazing.
What I see from the front
What I see from the back.
I see people posing with the tigers. OF COURSE I AM GOING TO DO THE SAME!
Let’s take a selfie, ahaha. Proof I was there.
This area is very busy.
These shots were all taken on the bus
I believe this is around the gothic quarters in Barcelona.
Around Las Ramblas.
I take a snap of my unaware sister.
Having the time of our lives.
We see an Horchata store and head immediately into it
Horchata in Spain has a different taste but it’s still delicious.
We head out looking for more snacks.
It’s busy.
We find more snacks. Churros. These were ok. We tried a couple throughout our trip and they were all the same.
My sister is always happy when there is food.
You can see the Cathedral.
It’s beautiful.
We continue our walk.
The roads are long and clean. We are getting hungry from snacking.
Of course we go to McDonald’s.
I see a Taco Bell and go inside. Its quiet.
We start heading towards park guell.
We start walking some more and start seeing lots of souvenir stores. It’s too early to start purchasing gifts but we get ideas on what to bring back.
I am tempted to purchase these drinks but I hold back. It’s too early.
We see Casa Batlo.
We then see Casa Mila.
A closer look
Even closer. The attention to detail is nice.
There’s history everywhere and I love it
We continue using the gps to parc guell.
Me and my camel.
We start feeling an incline
The incline becomes steep.
I snap a photo of my sister as she struggles walking up.
Can you feel the elevation?
What about now?
A look from behind
A cute truck.
Europe loves their scooters.
We reach the park.
The views are beautiful. You can go higher though. Let’s continue!
We start seeing other large hills
You can see Sagrada Familia and it looks small.
We still need to keep going up.
We get to the tourist area of the park.
The trees, the people, the designs. It’s all so cool.
Me. Snapping everything I see.
Me snapping me.
A mix of human design and nature mixed together.
We see The Gaudí House-Museum.
A shot from behind.
This park is huge.
Nature with a touch of human.
Gaudi’s garden.
Information you may be interested in.
Gaudi was a very simple man. I respect that.
We leave his house.
We go higher up the park.
There is a man playing and the echo makes the music sound better.
We keep going up.
Lots of us tourists.
The views keep getting better.
It does not end.
We take a break
If you get the chance to find this, you’ll remember this for sure
We head back down and look for the closest hop on hop off stop.
We are back on the bus and decide to finish all the bus stops.
We see more beautiful buildings as usual.
It starts getting dark so we get off and find food. Paellas are on my mind.
It tastes like my mom’s food. Thanks mom.
We eat and call it a day.

That was day 2. What do you think?

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