ASSOS MILLE GT Cycling Bib Review + Fit

I’ve had this cycling bib for almost two years now. In the video, I say one. It is now two years old. This bib is my daily driver. I have taken this out on countless rides in the summer and as Steve Jobs would have said, “It just works”.

The bib cost me $219.00 CAD. This is a pricey bib but every single bib that has cost me less has not lasted and did not feel as good. The fabric and fit of this cycling bib forces me to wash it after every ride so I’m always prepared to wear it the next day,


  • Great performance material that feels great on the body
  • longevity is there, I have had this for two years
  • Chamois is very comfortable (the best I have had so far)
  • Still feels just as tight as the day I purchased it.
  • A great overall bib


  • $219.00 + Tax
  • Only two colors available (black and blue)
Front. 5’7 155lb

If you love cycling and don’t mind spending the extra cash, I would say go for it. Would I buy this again? Yes. Without a doubt I would buy this. I am 5’7 155lb and my waist size is currently 33 inches.

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