MAAP Pro Fit Jersey Review

Me at 5’7 and 167 lb 😅

I bought another MAAP piece and it did not disappoint. The waist grippers, warm material, snug aero fit, sleek olive green, and overall fit was amazing. I noticed there is tons of arm sleeve length but it’s better than having it too short and not being able to cover the skin.

The back

It has three pockets plus the zipper pocket. the minimal logo on the side and some different fabrics on the side as you can see. I believe this is meant for the fall/water. This is way too warm for the summer.

Side shot
A little closer
Notice the two different looking materials blending together nicely 👌


  • Snug aero fit
  • Warm for fall/winter and early spring
  • Different Colours offered
  • 3 pockets + zipper pocket
  • Great zipper
  • Minimal logo
  • Great cut and nice fabrics


  • Cost may be a factor if you’re on a budget (layering is always the cheapest option)
  • Too much arm length but body sizes vary

So far, I’ve used this about 5 times and it has not disappointed me. I got it on sale which makes this better in my point of view. Would I get this again? 100% yes. I’m looking at the brown coloured version. MAAP makes me want to ‘suit up’ and ride my bike all day.

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