2020 & 2021 Goals

It’s January 1st 2021 and I am excited about this year. I have many goals. Normally I keep this stuff to myself but I would like to be more transparent on my goals. I like pushing myself and I am determined to always become better. This is another way of pushing myself and a way to force myself to focus. I will post my goals for 2021. First, let’s see how I did last year. Here is a list of last year’s good and bad things I completed. I am also adding a list of what I did not complete.

Good (2020)

  • Continued working on my degree by taking an online course.
  • Started my YouTube video
  • created over 50 videos, over 10,000 views, gained 45 subscribers
  • Started my website
  • Blogged about my travels and cycling ventures
  • Took a solo trip to Ottawa to see new opportunities
  • Worked two IT positions and and was able to increase my salary
  • Learned many more things at work
  • Did Triathlon training temporarily
  • Cycled over 6,000km (more than 2019)
  • Cycled from Hamilton to Toronto with an average speed of 30kph
  • Quit Energy Drinks
  • Quit Caffeine
  • Changed my diet
  • Invested into myself

Bad (2020)

  • I was unable to finish two courses. I am retaking them for 2021.
  • I did not manage my time as efficiently
  • I could have saved more money and invested more money
  • I did not finish the books I was supposed to read
  • Did not get my CCNA certification
  • Did not finish my French Class (retaking)
  • Did not finish my web design class
  • Did not buy a house
  • I did not take as many risks as I should have taken

2021. I have many plans. I have put some into fruition already. In order to grow, I need to keep learning new things and take more risks. I need be more open minded, try new things, and not be afraid of doing something. Here are some of my goals this year that are on the top of my head:

Goals for 2021

  • Complete Project Management Course (Registered to class)
  • Complete Digital Marketing Class (Registered to class)
  • Complete French Class 1 and move onto French Class 2
  • Register to another 2 classes once I finished those classes in April
  • Get my CCNA (Will book appointment for April (booking not done yet)
  • Train for an Ironman and do it in late 2021
  • Continue going to Ottawa/Gatineau when it’s safe
  • Ride 10,000km on my roadbike
  • Invest in property
  • Make another 50 YouTube videos and continue growing my channel
  • Do something risky
  • Learn to program in C+
  • Apply for a raise
  • Complete work projects and document them thoroughly for future endeavours.

It is February 14th 2021 and at the moment, I am doing well. I will update this next month and show how I am doing.

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