My Two Week Trip To Japan – Day 6

Day 5 was hectic. We left Tokyo and made it to Kyoto. On day 6, we woke up very well rested and continued the journey. We decided to go further south in Japan and go to Hiroshima.

This was another amazing day. This was the first mountain I have ever hiked up. This was the beginning to a beautiful relationship. I found a new hobby and ambition to hike up as many mountains as possible. Although I am deathly afraid of heights, hiking up these behemoths is very satisfyingly and gives a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s begin!

I have three of these plates for breakfast. The hotel food at Ibis hit the spot. This was one of the few hotels I have actually eaten inside. It was wonderful.
We head out to Hiroshima. We go on the convenience store and buy some snacks
We see these Kyoto Pringles.
We head to Hiroshima from Kyoto using a bullet train.
We arrive at Hiroshima.
We see parts of the city through the train.
We take the bullet train to Hiroshima. We then take the train to to go to Miyajima we arrive at our destination and leave the train station.
We finally begin our journey. This was an enlightening day.
We walk towards the dock.
We wait by the docks. I felt like I was heading to Jurassic Park. I loved it.
We head to the boat.
A view of Hiroshima from the boat to Shrine Island.
Sis and Bro.
We go to the information area and grab a map.
We walk some more
There’s tons of souvenir shops, restaurants, and…..
Another one.
Around this area, a deer ate the information map from my sister’s hand.
I just cant help but look at these views.
Around this area, a deer eats the map. We are now without a map again.
We start walking towards the Torii Gate. Since we went in September, we could walk right to it.
I get my sister in a photo without her knowing.
It’s huge.
A shot of the island.
Selfie head to Torii Gate size
There are coins on the ground since you wish for good luck here.
A closeup shot.
We start heading towards the mountain
We see more dear before heading up Mount Misen.
Some great information we saw before going on Mount Misen.
Misen’s Seven Wonders. I swear, going up this mountain was spiritual. I can’t even explain it. The 1200 year old fire was something that will forever be on my mind.
My first hike up a mountain. Exciting and scary since I’m afraid of heights.
We take a cable car up. The fear in me is real.
My sister is very excited
We are going higher up. It is such a beautiful view.
I am holding on to my dear life.
The first cable car is done. We then go higher to go on the second one.
The face of fear. AHAHA. We are not even at the summit. This is only the beginning.
At this point, my sister is laughing at me while we go up.
We make it up. That wasn’t so bad. Oh wait, its’ higher on the other side. We go to the other side.
My sister on top of the mountain.
My sister conquered a mountain.
The views are breathtaking.
We head towards the higher part of Mount Misen. We must first go down and then go back up.
We go up and down.
The views, the sounds, everything is just so majestic.
The paths are great
I get a snapshot of my sister
Lots of climbing and I love it.
While going up this mountain, we encounter many things we have never encountered in other mountains. This is what makes it my favorite mountain to date.
Like this.
My sister eventually catches up to me.
We see multiple shrines like this
Me at my happiest.
More pieces of history.
I see so many of these all over the mountain.
We finally make it up.
We are much higher than before. It’s not so scary.
We enjoy the great views.
This was the 1200 year old fire. What was very interesting was that me and my sister were drenched in sweat. IT was incredibly humid. As soon as we entered this room, we felt relieved from everything. The room was warmer than the outdoors yet we felt cooler in here. The smell of the smoke was also amazing. I was in love with this whole mountain.
A view from the outside.
We get lost and eventually find the correct way to reach the bottom of the mountain. We did something very risky. We took ran through the mountain through a beaten path that was not supposed to be hiked. What we found out was that there are dangerous snakes on this mountain. One was spotted in this area.
We see this warning after running all over the beaten paths. We did some very risky things. This snake is very poisonous.
Me. Very ahead from my sister so I just chill and wait.
We finally start seeing the bottom of the mountain.
Views from the bottom.
We have a little bit left to go down
We finally reach the bottom. This is the view from the bottom to the top. You can’t even see how high we were.
We see a map….when we’re at the bottom
There are business and homes in this area. We get refreshments
This was another way up the mountain. We came down in a very different area. It lead us to a populated area.
More shots of the new area
I think I take nice pictures sometimes.
Good bye Miyajima. You will be missed. This was the start to a beautiful relationship that now makes me hike a mountain when I travel to a new country
We head back to the city and get more refreshments.
We see this and think it’s awesome
We saw multiple Japanese people stop and just bow to this monument.
For the next few pictures, I will just let you see and take it in.
We head back to Kyoto. Hiroshima was a great day trip!
Inside a packed bus heading back to the bullet train.
The bullet train back home. A stop occurs and we see these cool homes.

I hope you liked this day trip. It was amazing. What do we do on day 7? Do we stay in Kyoto? Nope. We head to Osaka.

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