Cycling Brands that look cool to me


I love looking for new cycling clothes to wear. I don’t have much and I’d like to have a big enough wardrobe so I can wear a clean outfit everyday for my bike rides. I find it incredibly difficult to find cycling clothes that I really like. I’m not sure if it’s because I am very picky in the things I want or if it’s because it’s a small demographic making it very hard to get what I want.

I made a YouTube video on my Café du Cycliste Albertine jacket and a user commented how he did not know of the brand until he saw my video. That comment inspired me to make this post and to continue making more YouTube videos on the things I own. I would like to show some cool brands that I have found online, through reddit, and hours upon hours of google searches. If you stumble upon an interesting brand, feel free to comment or send me an email.

My goal is to continually update this blogpost. What makes this blogpost different from other articles who talk about this? I actually own the garments and you’ll see me wearing them. I suggest/recommend what I like. Everything is relative but if you like my style, you may like these brands.

These are cycling brands I own and love. This is not in any particular order:

  1. Santini – A cool made in Italy cycling apparel with great fabrics and has not disappointed me so far. I only have one bib but it has impressed me that I would buy again.
  2. CAFE DU CYCLISTE – This Parisian style brand has some some very stylish skin tight unique cycling apparel that will perform and make you feel dope.
  3. Castelli – The apparel can go from cheap to expensive. If you’re starting out in cycling and need a somewhat moderately priced cycling apparel, that won’t break your bank account, this is a great brand to start out with. I’ve dealt with their customer service and had a great service. Their sizing can be all over the place but their stuff is great.
  4. Assos – if you’re all about performance, longevity, and cutting edge fabrics in terms of wick, comfortability, and fabric tech….this is the brand. It is a pricey but a great brand. I’d suggest you get their stuff when it goes on sale. Their stuff is bland in terms of style but it works if you don’t care about that.
  5. OrNot – This brand focuses on minimalism and their stuff is made in USA. The colors they offer is different and so far I have no complaint on the bib I own.
  6. MAAP – I have fallen in love with this Australian brand and the styles they are releasing. The fabrics, cuts, colorways, and unique style of apparel is fascinating. I want more. I just wish I had more money.

I will update this every time I see something I like.

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