I cycled in -4 Degrees Celsius weather in Ontario Canada

I rode my bike in -4-degree Celsius weather in Hamilton Ontario Canada. I put the winter cycling gear to the test. All the purchases I have made this year to ride in the cold is performing.  My only big issue right now is finding a good pair of winter cycling shoes and socks. It is a little hard to find this stuff during the pandemic and by the time I get it, it will be next year.

My feet freeze quickly, and this is what is stopping me from having a longer ride. If this is my fate, I will continue to ride outdoors on a limited time and train indoors on Zwift. No big deal. The more training, the better.

I wore the following

Cafe du Cycliste Albertine Jacket (Medium)

ASSOS Winter Cycling Bib (Small)

Pearl Izumi Gloves (small)

UnderArmour Balaclava (I think this was one size)

ASSOS Base Layer 3/3 (Large)

Castelli Booties (this did not not do the job since it’s meant for the fall)

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