February update (morning workouts and my new brand logo)

I loved this one but I needed simplicity if I’m going to put it on a polo/jersey

Morning Workouts = Pleasure

I’m writing this blog post about morning workouts. If you’re able to wake up hours before going to work, working out is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. I’ve done it for years and unfortunately stopped. Laziness was one large factor but if you routinize your sleep and wake up early, you will have the greatest mornings of your life. I used to LOVE the feeling of accomplishment after a gruelling workout session. You get this great feeling that you can take on the world. I’d strongly suggest that you try it out. It’s difficult but once it becomes routine, it’s a beautiful thing.

The start of something beautiful

The weight loss continues. Currently down to 175lb from 181lb.

Today was a 5:30 am session. I woke up at 5:00 am and heavily contemplated going back to sleep. I couldn’t so I forced myself up, took a pre workout drink, put on YouTube, and hit the indoor bike trainer. It was pure pleasure. The wonderful feelings of my previous morning workouts flourished and I was in heaven.

Cold Plunging – does it work?

I’ve been doing cold plunges at my gym and it feels amazing. I don’t think there’s scientific evidence on the benefits but I do find them great to toughen the mind and endure the cold. When I feel sore, I’ll take a dip and receive the cold water shocking my body temporarily removing the soreness. After some time in it, you get this nice feeling. It’s also great for training since I swim in Lake Ontario and it gets as cold as that water (8 degrees Celsius). Additionally, this is just another excuse to prepare myself to possibly swim across the ocean.

My new logo!

The chosen logo

I am still working on my brand and slowing but surely refining it. Unfortunately I was not feeling my original logo (the one on my YouTube channel) and I decided to look for an artist that could show what I wanted and give something that gives my vibe. I found him. The gentleman did the job and it was love at first sight when I saw the logo. I’m happy to move forward on the next process. The product.

Work + school + training = still manageable

I’m learning more and more on how to juggle and take on more. I believe I’ve always been highly productive from my lifestyle and I think I just keep increasing it since I want to do better. Time management is key for everything. Procrastination is still there but I’m slowly removing it.

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