I Bought Rapha and loved it

The sale made me buy it

The front

I received an email that Rapha was having a sale. I looked at my bank account and started sweating. Although I work full time, the tuition for university is very expensive. I thought about being mature and financially savvy. A responsible adult who only buys what is required to survive in life. That idea only lasted about an hour. I pulled the trigger and accepted my fate. To be fair, I also receive a good amount of comments asking for Rapha comparisons. This was my excuse to buy it, to continue adding content to my YouTube channel. This is what I told myself every night. Let’s get to this review.

The back

What did I get?

  • Men’s Classic Flyweight Jersey – size medium
  • Men’s Pro Team Long Sleeve Training Jersey – size medium
  • Men’s Brevet Bib Shorts – medium

The total cost was $482.00. The retail price would have been $845 + tax. Their sales are great and I would highly recommend you wait for their sales to happen. If you can shell out and purchase the retail price, go for it.

Initial thoughts

Thinking about the ride

I am impressed. I’ve been to the rapha store in NYC and the gear at the time looked fantastic but I never tried it on. I have also seen some of their stuff in two local boutiques in Toronto but never tried it on (except for the base layer I bought online and didn’t really like). When I have seen rapha in person, I have touched several of their items and I have loved the majority of them. I believe great material and a great cut makes a great cycling product. On another note, when I emailed them in the past, it was fast and polite. That’s always a plus.

The front – extra reptilian

Putting on the jersey and especially the bib made me realize why people love Rapha, it feels good and makes you look good. There are also some nice little details that are added on that give that special touch from Rapha.

The side with the pocket


  • Great value when it’s on sale
  • Premium material, great cut
  • Unique colors offered (MANY)
  • Distinct Rapha style
  • Zipper pocket on the short sleeve
  • Nice cuffs on the long sleeve
  • Great zippers


  • Expensive at retail price
  • Long sleeve has no zipper pocket but the price but was cheaper

The pros definitely outmatch the cons. If I were rich, I’d pay retail. Since I’m on a budget, I will wait for a sale in the future and buy another kit and jacket. Great job rapha, I would buy again. The pocket on the bib is also fantastic. I’m a little concerned about putting my phone in it. Could it fall from spinning? Would a zipper be helpful?

Again as always, this is brand new and I need to use this more to see the longevity of the gear. So far, I’m impressed.

Additional images

The cuffs. Different material than the jersey
A side shot without the know rapha strip. Does it look generic to you?
The bib. I want to use this bib on every ride now
Short sleeve with zipper pocket. This is why it probably retails for 245.00
The front. Looks great
The grippers are fantastic
The long sleeve. I loved the feel of this jersey and it was a great price

The back. I felt
The little details.

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