Go Rigo Go – Cycling Bib + Slim Jersey Review

I’m in love with this brand

Full cycling kit from Go Rigo Go

I cycled in Colombia and the majority of my trip was focused on cycling, hiking, and doing some exploration on my own. Shopping was not on my mind. As much as I would have loved to find more cycling brand gems like this in Colombia, I just did not have enough time. The only time I was able to shop was when I was in Medellín. This was because during this portion of my trip, I was completely alone and my trip was coming to an end. Gifts needed to be bought for my family back home, and for myself of course. This was one of the gifts to myself, Go Rigo Go’s apparel. Furthermore, shopping is not the thing to do in Latin America. It’s about eating food and exploring the landscapes and embracing the culture. This country is not about materialism. This was a special touch during the trip.

I cannot praise this brand enough. The pieces I bought were light, stretchy, slim cut, had great designs, and showed what a Latin brand can produce. These are my daily riders and I always look for these pieces to wear over my other brands. The material feel so great on the skin, I regret not buying more. The prices were also very fair for the quality you get.

Back shot
A short sleeve I bought. They did a collab with chocoramo
Leg grippers on point.


  • A Latin American brand created by a pro cyclist, Rigo.
  • Buying from them directly felt very authentic and not corporate compared to other brands that I wear.
  • Interesting designs that are unique in their own way
  • Premium feel
  • snug aero fit
  • Excellent price
  • The leg grippers on the bib is amazing
  • Both aero shirts were the right fit and the great feeling material I cannot praise enough


  • Some of the logo has peeled off. Durability still needs to be tested
  • Chamois could be a little bigger (this is subjective)

Conclusion (final thoughts)

Even though some of the text peeled off on the long sleeve, I still wanted to ride with it the whole summer. The fit and feel is what kept making me put it on over and over again. The bib felt just as amazing. The leg grippers blended in with the bib making the transparent look clean when paired with the whole kit. When riding in the heat, the material kept me cool and there were no chafing issues. I would imagine this was thought of since it’s a Colombian brand created by Colombians who deal with the heat. I would get their kit again in a heart beat for their great cost, fantastic fit, and amazing feel. Gracias Rigo.

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