Blacksmith Cycle Toronto – A cool cycling boutique

I am in dire need of more cycling apparel. I wanted something different compared to the same globalized brands I always see in big stores. There’s nothing wrong with that but when you try and look for different things, you start looking elsewhere.

I decided to hit up a store I haven’t gone to in 3 years. Blacksmith cycle. The store is located away from downtown Toronto in a very green and prestigious looking area. It was hard to find parking so I parked beside one of the large looking well kept homes around the area. This place is a hidden gem. If you want to see a cool bike store, this is the place.

I reach the building. Right beside the building is a park
The store is on the second floor. It feels hidden away giving it a cool spot.
The entrance to this magical place.
Before heading up the store, I begin seeing bikes.
I then go up these stairs.
There’s bikes lined up before entering the store. I’m guessing many customers ride to the store. I would if I could.
Some of the stuff I saw
Some of the store. Pictures don’t do justice in this place. You have to go and witness this feel. It’s such a chill environment.
Lots of bikes. Unfortunately not my style but I appreciate them.

This is one of the few stores where you see the boutique style brand online and can try it on in Canada. You’d probably save on money depending where you live if you go here instead of buying online.

The above pictures are just some of the store. I’ll let you go and experience the cool boutique and not ruin it for you. They carry high end brands and exclusive looking stuff. The staff is incredibly helpful and very polite. All of them approached me for assistance and gave me space. These people are great.

This is probably one of the best stores to try out maap, PNS, and Ostroy NYC. The last time i went, they had Cafe Du Cycliste. It’s nice to see these brands since I’m in the process of creating my own brand and I like looking at the material and styles that other brands release.

On a small note, I bought two items from them and will be creating a review for them soon. Stay tuned!

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