My ASSOS – ASSOSOIRES Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer Review

I love base layers. I use them when I go to the gym, go out for runs, and of course when I’m cycling. I am always looking for base layers that have the best fabrics and will hopefully last me a very long time. I have 3 base layers that I have owned for 10 years now!

Size medium. I am 5’7 155lb. Chest size is 39 inches

I am confident enough to say I put all of my base layers to use. While going through Assos’ website I noticed they released a new thermal base layer. It looked interesting but the price deterred me from buying it. A couple of weeks pass by and I decide to make the purchase on their website. It’s sold out. This happens too much.

I then go to another online store and snag it. When their stuff looks good, it sells quick. This seems too common for all of my cycling apparel. Or is it just my superior taste in male fashion? Or am I sucker to brand marketing and capitalism? I’m getting off topic. Let’s get back to this base layer though.

The back.

It’s much lighter than my previous black ASSOS winter base layer. However, it’s not as light as my Rapha’s pro team base layer. I don’t know if this will perform as well as the older ASSOS base layer that I have. I will have to take it out on a ride and see. What I can tell you is that I am loving this wool blend knit they are using. It just feels so good on the body and the stretch is fantastic. I prefer it over the other assos base layer but will it keep me as warm? Only time will tell.

Once the snow has melted I will make sure to take it out on a cold ride.


  • The material feels very premium with an amazing stretch to it
  • A very unique cool blue color that no one will ever notice while you ride in the cold
  • an appropriate amount of arm length and shoulder to waist length to be able to wear when I do my gym sessions. (Have not taken it to the gym though, ahaha)


  • It feels lighter. It may not be as warm as the older version. I will have to ride it outdoors
  • Expensive. More expensive than the regular winter base layer.
  • The ASSOS WINTER LS SKIN LAYER is a cheaper option and it’s still good enough for the cold. Acclimate riding in the winter is the real winner.

I still love the material and look of it. I’d buy it again and would recommend it. ASSOS has not let me down and after putting this thing on, it’s a keeper and will be a daily rider.

A close up shot
How it looked after my indoor zwift session.

Do you have this piece of apparel? If so, please comment and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear some opinions on this beauty.

2022 UPDATE: I use this beauty a lot. I use this and my other ASSOS winter LS base layer on rotation during the winter. which one do I prefer? This a very hard question to answer. I think the winter LS is much more versatile and can be used for all seasons compared to the ultraz. If i strictly do cold rides all year round, the ultraz would be my choice.

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