My Café Du Cycliste Francine Cycling Jersey Review

If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel, you have probably figured out that I don’t mind paying a premium price for something that looks appealing to me. It’s hard to know if performance clothes will last since they are constantly being abused. You’re sweating, hitting all types of debris, crashing, and constantly washing them a lot more than your typical sweater.

I took this picture the first day it came to my house. Watch my YouTube video, it looks the same.

This is not new to me. I have been working out for years and just from that experience alone, I’ll buy something that will last long and make me want to workout more. Cycling apparel is no exception. I found this great brand and the rest is history. I’ve had this for almost three years and it still looks fantastic

A pic from the back. This picture was taken on the first day I purchased it. This was taken two years ago.

The Café Du Cycliste Francine was my first premium cycling jersey. I remember paying a hefty price but it called to me. Was I going to regret it? It didn’t matter. The payment went through and it was on its way to Canada. I now own 3 Cafe Du Cycliste items and their carefully designed items always makes me want to ride more. This jersey has taken beatings and it’s still looking fresh. Here is my pros and cons list.


  • Premium proprietary material that feels great and keeps you cool during those hot summer rides (mesh on the back to keep you cool)
  • A beautiful French inspired design
  • Distinct that you won’t see others jerseys like this on your rides
  • 3 back pockets that have not lost their stretch in the last 3 years
  • Still feels brand new after being used as a daily driver
  • YKK Zipper (the best)


  • Very expensive, not everyone can afford this ( I believe this brand is meant for a specific target market though). I paid close to $300.00 CAD
  • As a Canadian I got hit with duty fees and a shipping fee, this made me reluctant to continue buying from them.
  • These items sell out very quick. If you want it, you have to make the purchase.
  • The arm length is long. Some people may not like that.

Would I recommend it? Yes! Enjoy the pictures. I am 5’7 and 155lb. It looks like you can buy it here. It was on their official website but I cannot seem to find it. Maybe it’ll come back in the summer.

The first time putting it on.
The first time putting it on from the back.

All the pictures above were taken when I first purchased it. Here is 2021’s pictures.

Front (unzipped)
Front (Zipped up)
Side view
Back view.

Thank you for reading and looking through my website.

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