Five Interesting Brands I Purchased While Traveling

Looking for something different

As an individual always looking for new clothing brands, I am always looking for new emerging brands that look fascinating. I enjoy the search for adding interesting additions to my wardrobe. It can potentially become a timepiece that will forever be used until the washing machine ruins it, my dogs eat it, or my ability to destroy clothing through my rough lifestyle causes it to be unwearable. Showing off what I wear and what I buy reveals there are many others like me who are always looking for a new high. This revelation shows we are the same and our goal is to out-fresh each other. The definition of “breaking necks“. Your dope cashmere Parisian crewneck that says “egoista” has upped your game and you’re now that neck breaker. You’ve made someone want it and you have now gained his/her energy. You got the juice now.

That’s right. I have that sweater. The Brand is Maison Labiche Paris

During my travels, I have been fortunate enough to visit boutiques that provide unique brands that I have never heard of. I also like seeing brands that are difficult to see in person due to Canada’s limitations on what is exported over. I have to travel 1 hour to Toronto to get a glimpse of only a limited set of brands I like and/or potentially a new style. It’s close to home but still still limited. Traveling allows me to see new styles, visit cool boutiques, see whole collections, and potentially save money buying within their country. Although online shopping can provide a plethora of options and some cost savings, walking into stores is always a magical experience. You get to meet similar people who like similar styles as you and of course, feel, see, and touch the merchandise. Here are 5 brands I encountered during my travels that I found interesting. There is no specific order.


Where: Stockholm, Sweden

My first ever trip outside of Canada was Stockholm Sweden. Swedish fashion was super fascinating to me and I wanted it. What I can remember from this trip was how well-dressed everyone was and how slim and fit they all were. During the trip, I entered this store and saw this beautiful sweater. 5+ years later, I still wear it. I may have bought it since the sweater’s abstract art called to me. This was my first international purchase from across the ocean. I remember walking into the store and loving the ambiance and style. Looking at their website now, it gives a very modern vibe. Would I buy what they carry on their site now? No. Nothing really piques my interest at the moment but I would check out their future season because you never know. Check them out.


Where: Paris, France

OUI OUI, obviously.

I might be very biased. I love french styles. When I went to Paris I fell in love with everything. The art, the buildings, the food, the people, the french accent, and of course the Parisian style. The style is minimal and when paired with french colors, slim cuts, and premium material you cannot go wrong. You’ll break necks. If you’re in Paris, Lafayette Mall is the mall every tourist should check out. This is where I saw the brand amongst many of my favorite french brands. At the time, I saw the sweater, put it on, and purchased it. I wear this thing religiously. I wear it so much I’m afraid it will become so worn I won’t be able to find something like this again. Looking at their current items, they have changed direction and I am no longer interested in this brand. Even though I say this, check it out and expand your knowledge! Men’s Parisian style is on another level. Just look at my cafe du cycliste purchases and be amazed at what they offer.

Wearing it for the first time and breaking necks in Paris. Obviously.


Where: Tokyo, Japan

Japan is another world. That country is magical. What do they offer? Whatever style you are looking for, they will have it. They will have it and they will step outside that boundary and morph it into something so far out there, you will question how they can come up with such amazing styles. While walking around Harajuku, I stumbled upon a mall and purchased this very slim cardigan meant for the summer. I don’t even know the brand. It had a cool cat logo and I immediately purchased it. Japan was one of the few places where every style was taken to another level. The commitment in their style was something I have never seen anywhere else. I loved it and I loved them.

4. Visvim

Where: Tokyo Japan

That is literally the shoe I wanted to buy. Except in my size and in leather.

Ever since I found out about Visvim. I fell in love with the Visvim FBT shoe. I fell in love and wanted a pair for years. This shoe costs $1199.99 plus tax in Canada. I could not afford that and every time it went on sale, it would sell out quickly. I wanted the leather black version. I thought it was the most beautiful shoe ever created. I did some research before heading to Japan and found out that because it is a Japanese brand, it is much cheaper to buy in Japan. Exporting products raises the cost to the consumer. Going to a specific country can eliminate that problem. It cost $800.00 CAD in Japan. As a once in a lifetime trip and gift to myself, I bought it in Japan. I did not get the color I wanted since it was sold out but I got another beautiful color. To this day, it is still one of my favorite shoes. Would I buy the shoe again? No, because they no longer offer it in leather. Check them out.

Me. Wearing the visvim fbt in Tokyo

5. A.P.C

Where: NYC & Paris

It shrunk and I can longer wear it :,(

I have a love-hate relationship with this brand. It is a French brand and I’ve worn several of their pieces throughout the years. It originally started when I was into raw denim and their new standard denim was the pinnacle of jeans. I then became interested in dressing better and taking care of myself. This brand began to help me look presentable and was a major starting point into dressing well. This brand evolved me as a person. As I have gotten older, I am no longer interested in this brand. It’s too simple and I am not so much about that anymore. It’s still a great brand but not for me. I’ve been to their stores in the past but no longer go to them. Check them out.

APC long sleeve with the Harajuku Cardigan

Final Thoughts

Will I evolve?

I finish with this. COS sweater and Nudie Jeans

I learned a lot about myself. Just writing about the specific items I purchased shows that I have changed in style, tone, and I now wear very different clothing and brands than before. I no longer wear jeans and prefer pants. I prefer button-ups over polos. My main attire is athletic wear and professional work wear. When I make a decision on buying something, my questions are different than what they were 10 years ago. Looking at my previous styles and the pictures I have posted, There is some of my past self and an evolving self showing. I think this article surprised me more than anything else.

Comment if you know cool brands that you once loved but drifted away from. I would love to hear from them.

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