My Santini x IRONMAN Jersey

I purchased this as a memory for my first IRONMAN. I loved it. The art, the logo, and the fit was amazing. This is my second piece of Santini apparel I have purchased and it does not disappoint. Santini makes high quality cycling apparel that I’m surprised I own so little. The material on the arm feels fantastic and it’s what makes me love it the most. Although, this was not an aero fit, it still looks great.

Wearing it for the first time ever

I contemplate on wearing it often but I’m always afraid I’ll use it too often and the art will disappear on it and eventually be torn apart from my rough lifestyle/riding. I considered hanging it on my wall but it still needs to be worn to give me the feel I felt when I did that Ironman. I’m posting this because my Ironman is this Saturday and I’m getting the chills that I’m finally doing another one. I’m excited to see what jersey they’ll be selling in Muskoka.

Unfortunately there’s no zipper pockets but this jersey is a special one to me. It has sentimental value that I did something that felt difficult but could be done as long as you start. It helped me realize that you could always do more. That everything will always be difficult but you can do it if you’re willing to work on it. Anything is possible. I hope to make something as creative as this for my lifestyle brand.

Some additional swag that they provided

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