My Life Triathlon

My First Triathlon of the Season – Subaru Triathlon Milton Sprint

Why I chose this race I signed up to this race and promised myself that I would do a triathlon every weekend (and possibly do 3 Ironman’s) for the whole summer and see how shredded I could become. I just graduated school, finished a cycling & hiking trip in Colombia, and I’m ready to take […]

Cycling Triathlon

What you need for your first Sprint Triathlon

“I registered to my first sprint triathlon, now what?” Have you ever wanted to do 3 sports in one day? Have you ever wanted to push your limits? Do you want everyone you know to think you are crazy? Registering to a triathlon is the way to go. As I prepared for my first Ironman, […]


Day 61 – IRONMAN Training (Subaru Grimsby Triathlon)

A coworker told me there was a triathlon around his area (grimsby Ontario) and that I should check it out. I quickly googled it and became very excited. I could finally test out all of my Ironman training. I was a little sad that they only offered a sprint triathlon and that an olympic triathlon […]