My Third Trip to NYC – Day 1

My cousins took me to Wal-Mart. I saw soylent and bought it. This stuff is banned in Canada but sold in the states.

During the cycling accident, I had a lot on my mind. After I healed from the accident, I decided to increase my workload and productively. My life is filled with new purpose and new perspectives all thanks to that horrific accident. I took 3 university classes for my winter semester, worked on several projects at work, increased my ironman training, and worked on several of my other sides projects ( I will reveal one in a later YouTube video). It has been chaotic and I am feeling it. I haven’t felt so alive in a long time.

TV ads playing while I fill up my gas.

I got approved for two weeks off of work in November and my plan was to go to NYC and Ottawa. As I type this, I’m in Queens New York. I wanted to go a day earlier but I had to finish some assignments before I could have fun. Responsibility first, am I right?

My first meal. The one I could not complete.

I have taken a bus to New York City. I have taken a plane to New York City. This time, I drove to New York City. Just as I remembered it when I took the bus, the scenery is breathtaking but as you get closer to the big apple, it gets chaotic but that’s how this city works. This city is alive and I love it. The drive was 9 hours. 9 hours of driving really gets to you. As soon as I arrived to my cousin’s house, I was feeling weak. I still went out to eat with them but I couldn’t even finish my meal due my mind being fried from the drive. I just wanted to drink some water and sleep.

American wal-mart.

The drive was exhausting. Would I do it again? Yes. In a heartbeat.

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