X-Bionic Energizer 4.0 Light V Neck Shirt Review + Fit

This is now my most expensive workout shirt. $109 USD cost of shirt)+ $40.00 CAD (duty fees)+ $25 USD (shipping) = a lot. I bought it at full price since I couldn’t find a sale anywhere. Do I regret it at the moment? No. Would I get another one? Only if it goes on sale. Would I buy another one of their products? Only if it was discounted or at least if the shipping is free. This is expensive.

The front. This model is 5’7 160lb. AHA

After putting this beauty on, I fell in love with the material and look. The material felt different in a good way and gave a unique look. I now have three very expensive base layers and just like the others, this one feels different and has its own unique feel from the different fabric provided. It does not disappoint.

Close up
The back.
Closeup of the back
Some of the box
More box stuff
When I first unboxed it


  • Variety of colors available.
  • Long sleeve available.
  • Lots of tech to help with sweat, temperature regulation, etc.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Excellent feel on the skin.
  • Unique look compared to other workout shirts.


  • Expensive. Too expensive.
  • I had to pay for shipping since I still did not spend enough on their site. I felt ripped off
  • You could get a cheaper base layer that’s just as good, feel just as good, and have some extra cash left.

After falling in love with shirt, I am tempted to buy their cycling bib. What do you think? feel free to comment on the YouTube video or the website.

2022 update: I rarely wear this since I enjoy my cheaper (yet still expensive) base layers. This feels a little too tight and the love is gone. I’m reluctant on buying another one since the material is great but I enjoy my other base layers and this price is too high. I’d like to try their cycling bib if I find it at a hefty discount. If not, there are many other brands out there I’m willing to try out and not go broke.

2022 JUNE UPDATE: I purchased an X-BIONIC jersey at a heavily discounted price and for the price, I can’t complain. The jersey material is different. If I put anything in the pockets, it makes the jersey sag very low. This brand is a hit or miss to me now.

2024 update (Feb): it’s collecting dust. At the moment, adidas are the best layers that provide an overall versatile option for several sports.

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