Riding my Bicycle from Hamilton to Toronto and Back (UPDATED)

This is how to ride from Hamilton to Toronto. This is the one way trip. I ran out of batteries and couldn’t film the ride back. That will be done on 2021.

For years, I dreamed about riding my bike from Hamilton Ontario to Toronto Ontario. Crazy? Yes. The first time I did this ride was last year. I remember heading out and going 30 km/h from Hamilton to Toronto. Why was it so easy? The wind. The wind was pushing me towards Toronto.

This is me riding up the Hamilton Escarpment. Difficult, I know.

On the way back though (Toronto to Hamilton)…Let us not talk about that. It was absolute hell. I was battling the wind. I was pedaling but pedestrians were still passing me. I kept pushing and eventually returned home. When I arrived home, I ate two bags of chips and a pizza. Just kidding, sort of. Enjoy the video.

This is just a short clip of the ride. I will be posting a video of the entire ride on YouTube. The route I take is very scenic and I believe it is safe. If you plan on doing a 100 km bike ride, I suggest reading my little tip article

(Update – March 22 2022, I record this ride once a year and will be doing Hamilton to Toronto for 2022 when the weather is beautiful).

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