My First Road Bike

Hamilton Ontario
Picture taken in Hamilton Ontario by the Chedoke Trail

That is my beautiful bike. Around 2012 I bought a very nice mountain bike. I rode it everywhere. I rode it all over Hamilton Ontario’s trails. I would ride from the Hamilton Mountain down to Burlington beach in the summer. Doing a round trip from there would be 40-60km in distance depending on how I felt. I loved it however I wanted to go faster as well. I needed some sort of speed drug. I needed the bike from the Akira anime.

The bike from Akira to give contact

In the past, I was asked if I ever rode a road bike. I always answered no. To me, it gave a very snobbish and arrogant look when I saw people using them out on the road. The fear of going in a bike shop and buying a road bike was also scary to me. It seemed pretentious, I did not want to become like them. That was how I perceived cyclists, more specifically roadies.

In 2018, I went to the Toronto Bike show and called my dentist. I was giving in (something I should have done a long time ago). I wanted to become faster and this was the solution. I told him I was going to get a road bike. He was excited. His voice then became serious and intense while providing me with powerful roadie knowledge from best of the best. He gave me some great advice while I walked around looking through the Toronto bike show. I was ready. As I walked around, my eyes widened, I saw my true love. She glanced back at me. Am I talking about my dream woman? No. I’m talking about my first road bike. My true love.

I wanted it but not at that price. The haggling began. It was intense. This was going to be my first entry level road bike. I did not want to pay 4799.99 + tax (I did). My budget was $3500.00 Canadian dollars. An hour before closing, I told the owner that I wanted that bike and if I could buy it for $3500.00 + tax. He went and crunched some numbers. Deal. Or was it?

2018 Scott Foil Aero Road Bike

What I did not know. Pedals are not included when you buy a road bike. Road cycling shoes was another purchase that also needed to be made. Those items ended up costing me a substantial amount that ended up being over $5,000 Canadian dollars after it was all set and done. In the end, I am happy with my purchase. To date, I have put 10,000 km on my bike. I love it but I am now looking to buy a new one. Hobbies are expensive and the deeper the niche, the pricier it becomes.

Taken in 2018 after the Toronto Bike Show

There you have it. This was my second largest purchase I have ever made. And it changed my life to someone who has a little bit of a bike obsession now. I hope you join me in this great hobby.

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