MAAP Evade Pro Base LS Jersey review + Fit (medium)

I saw this brand multiple times online and a subscriber on my channel told me it was one of his favourite brands. I then spent a couple of hours on their site and fell in love with their apparel.

I bought it here

Me happier than ever during the ride.

I need long sleeve jerseys and decided on getting their evade jersey. This long sleeve jersey feels so wonderful on the skin and I regret not buying their whole kit in one shot. Their stuff is very expensive but as soon as I put it on, the price was worth it to me. I’m a sucker for material that feels nice and of course makes you look good. This satisfied my desires.

It looked very cool, felt aero, felt nice, and now see MAAP as a future brand I will buy in the future. This was a size medium. I am 155lb and am 5’7.


  • Premium Italian fabrics
  • Arm material is different than the mid section. This makes it different than many other jerseys out there. It’s also super tight and feels good.
  • 3 pockets that felt very secure. (Video shows all the stuff I had during the ride)
  • YKK zippers
  • Different colours offered


  • No zipper pockets. I’m spoiled from Cafe du Cycliste including this with their Jerseys. I think premium jerseys should include this. This is a race jersey. This may be why it’s not included?
  • Expensive. This stuff is expensive. Let’s hope the longevity is there.
The brand on the front
The front.
The whole front
The side (sorry for the mess)
The other side
The back.

What do you think?

UPDATE APRIL 2022: this still feels amazing when I put it on. It still looks amazing. The stretch is still there. I haven’t seen much deterioration from the material after several washes. The zipper is still intact and I’m overall very happy with this long sleeve jersey. I would buy this again.

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