My Two Week Trip to Japan – Day 3

Day 3 was pure exploration. My sister and I always think we never accomplish anything when we go on these trips. We then look at the pictures and find out how much we’ve conquered. I think we do ok.

We stayed in the city and just walked all over without a care in the world. Enjoy the day of randomness going through different parts of the city.

What I did on day 2:

  • Visited the Skyscraper District and visited a shrine
  • Visited Nakano
  • Visited Harajuku
  • Ate KFC
  • Visited the red light district
  • Saw Godzilla sightings and visited Don Quijote
  • Visited Ginza

I believe we are around here.
Posing with statue.

We enter the area
A selfie by the shrine.
We enter a sacred area. There are instructions on top.
We continue the early morning exploration. It’s incredibly humid with rain. I love it.
What is this wonderful place we have just stumbled upon?
I’ll have 10 McChicken sandwiches, thanks.
McDonald’s. The good stuff.
My sister eating McDonald’s while looking at their menu for more.
we finish eating the good stuff
Skyscrapers everywhere.
Lots of white shirts
I snapped pictures of my sister since she does not like pictures.
It’s still raining off and on. Umbrellas are a necessary here.
We look at the map to see where we are and where we are going (we have no idea)
The Japanese know how to dress. They are stylish with the right physiques to pull off any outfit.
We head towards a heavily populated area in the city.
She does not want pictures but I’ll keep snapping away. AHAHA.
Two very different areas yet they are very close.
The vibe changes so fast in this city.
I think this is Shinjuku or we are around there.
We find a mall and see our first Hello Kitty Store.
I gave her a hug.
I go in with my sister. Everything is pink. Except me.
We go inside another mall in the same area
We are walking all over the place.
Red light district area?
bars and other things.
It’s very different at night.
Of course, I go in.
Baked goods all day everyday.
Our first Godzilla sighting.
Proof I was there.
This city is very picturesque.
This city has it all.
We went into Don Quijote. This store has it all.
There’s a bunch of random things. check it out if you go to Japan.
We leave the store and keep exploring. There were dozens of buildings like this. Video game building. We were not allowed to film. You go in these buildings and there is every demographic in here. From children to business men. This is awesome.
We go back to the Godzilla street. There is so much happening here.
Me and my boy Godzilla.
We stumble upon Harajuku.
We go in and get ice cream. This was the day I became lactose intolerant.
This ice-cream shop was in Harajuku
This was the ice cream that destroyed my stomach om that fateful day.
I also get a rainbow iced drink
We head to another location.
This place is bumping. Entering Nakano. You get off the subway and you’re there.
Not only do I eat egg sandwiches everyday. I also eat KFC everyday. Delicious. I ate this delicious food in Nakano. It was the start to a beautiful relationship.
I would go back to Japan just for KFC.
We find more baked goods.
a delicious dog
We also make it to nanako.
This area is known for hard to get items.
We then leave Nakano and head towards the subway.
We leave Nakano through the subway and do underground shopping. There are a bunch of stores. I had to tell my sister hold back since she was on a towel purchasing binge. Money was being thrown at everything we saw.
My feet are killing me. I need to sit.
Ginza is so beautiful at night
We find another Godzilla.
This was another full day of walking and exploring.

That’s it for day 2. We went to many little districts in Japan. We did not even dent this city. We walked into so many stores and ate so many goods I can’t complain. It was another excellent day. The feet pain began but that didn’t matter. That’s what vacations are for. They are for exploring as much as possible and walking through the pain, AHA.

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