Cycling Virtual Bike Rides

Cycling Through Downtown Hamilton and Downtown Burlington

During the pandemic, we ride. We ride our hearts out. One nice thing about the lockdown is that there are less cars on the road and we can ride throughout the city much more easily.

I’m always turning my back to check on cars but it feels much safer during these times. I believe once the lockdown is over, the chaos will return and the roads will not be safe for the first month or so since many people will not have driven and their skills may be lost.

Be alert, stay safe, and keep riding.

Time Stamps

0:20 entering Brant Street

1:00 trying to beat a BMW?

2:05 entering the core area of downtown Burlington

2:20 passing cars (from traffic)

3:04 Lakeshore and brant intersection

3:11 entering hamilton Ontario (James street)

4:14 entering king William

5:09 SECRET REVEAL and entering John Street

5:20 Main street

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