Cycling From Hamilton to Brantford On An Aero Road Bike

I’ve been told by many cyclists of this route but never really considered it. I am now riding a lot more and am very open to riding to new places. It was a Friday night and I made the decision to do this ride for the next day.

This is me after the ride. Wearing all my great gear that kept me warm.

I was warned to be careful since this trail is not really meant for road bikes. I have no choice. I only have one bike and I’m willing to ride anywhere. I took my Scott Foil with me and just rode.

This is the start of the ride, before all of the wind and bugs decided to mess me up.

I was riding on some rough areas of the trail but I received no punctures. I guess you could say I got lucky. I was expecting it to happen when I was flying back at high speeds. If you’ve done the Chedoke Trail, it’s pretty much the same type of road except Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail is flat. It’s also nice since there’s no cars (just watch out for pedestrians of course). That is a huge plus when you ride trails.

This is the area where I turned around and went back to Hamilton.

I made it to Brantford but it looks like this trail goes further south. My goal is to complete this whole trail and film it on my GoPro. Maybe it will take me to Port Dover? Here is some more information on the trail.

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