Café Du Cycliste Leonie Review + Fit

It finally came in the mail. I was so excited to put this nice piece on. It fits very tight and it just gives you a unique look when you’re cycling. I was able to snag this when it went on sale. This brand barely disappoints and it makes me want to ride more (and I already ride a lot).


  • It’s beautiful and not many people have it
  • Gives a simple but unique look compared to its competitors
  • three back pockets + one zipper pocket + 2 shoulder pockets (update: for air ventilation)
  • YKK zipper
  • slim looking jacket with some neck protection for the cold


  • Very expensive
  • $344.00 CAD Expensive (I did not get hit with duty fees this time)
  • the zipper got caught easily when zipping up due an extra material getting caught. This was annoying.

Fit Pics

Front view
It comes in a nice bag, as usual.
back view and all of its glory
Where I store my wallet.
Another shot of the front
The extra material behind the jacket makes the zipper get stuck if you’re not paying attention.
I have no idea what I would store here but it looks nifty.


Would I purchase another one? Yes. However I like looking for new emerging brands that are different in their own way. If I see one on sale, I’ll get it again for sure. I do not have a lot of cycling clothes and the purchases I have made from this company have cost me quite a bit but they are great to wear during all of my rides. A great jacket that I would recommend.

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