Virtual Cycling Workouts

In the winter, I did a lot of indoor training. While I trained on my bike trainer, I grew tired of looking at Zwift’s repetitive maps and started watching virtual cycling videos on YouTube. I would do an hour session on my trainer while doing virtual cycling tours in Italy and many other countries. I watched multiple videos like this and I found them to be great training tools that were free of charge!

I had a difficult time finding videos on Canadian bike rides. What did I do? I bought a GoPro hero 7 Black and began filming my outdoor workouts. I plan on filming as many rides as I can to give back. I want to show the world that Canada is also beautiful and that we have great cycling routes. My goal is to provide as many scenic rides as possible. I have even created rides with commentary if you want to ride with me! To date, I have uploaded close to 30 videos since I’ve started this project.

UPDATE 2023: I no longer get requests for these videos. These videos started my blogging, vlogging, and website creation. I had a few people who loved them and I created them just for them and it brought me joy to make someone’s day. I also loved them. I have unfortunately changed direction and will no longer film these rides but will forever keep this site to show where I started.

17 Minute Workout – with GoPro HeadMount – Hamilton Ontario Canada

30 Minute Workout – Cycling the Bruce Trails – Hamilton Ontario Canada

55 Minute Workout – With GoPro HeadMount – Hamilton Ontario Canada

60 Min cycling workout – Burlington to Downtown Hamilton with Commentary! 1080p/60FPS Windy Edition

120 Minute Workout – with GoPro Handlebar – Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville Ontario Canada